Hey! My name is Ashley Moore and welcome to my site! Please call me Ash. I have been a creative and technical writer since 2013 so many people remember me from the alias The Passionate Writer. I call myself a creative entrepreneur because I love to create things that tell a story. My newfound love to create promotional content for small businesses and artisans that keep the U.S. unique has now landed me in a social media management position.

You probably realize from my picture that I have a spinal cord injury. Similar to the influencer and entrepreneur approach that can be seen on social media these days, I hope to use the platform as an outlet for my various creative endeavors, a medium for sharing my thoughts, and hopefully a way to better acclimate society with individuals who are often treated incorrectly, the physically disabled.

My Website's Mission

  • I will strive to help society and the people in it see disabled individuals with less to no intimidation by sharing a look into my life through my blog, The Quirky Quadriplegic, and by starting conversations across both communities, able-bodied and physically disabled through Forms With Ash.

  • I hope to share my passion to create written and graphic content with the world and tell meaningful stories about the global misfits and artistically-minded individuals with my words.

  • If a visitor needs assistance with producing fresh and dynamic literary and/or visual content to promote his or her brand, I would love to offer my freelance services.

About Me: Ash

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Feel free to press the image to the left to read my very first blog, a short biography of my life. If, once you have looked through this site, you would like to hire me as a freelance content creator or writer, please see my resume below.

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