My Story: Summarized

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

"After sustaining a spinal cord injury as a child, I experienced dynamic storytelling firsthand, giving me a mind for imagination along with a passion and skill to write."

The day I became disabled is where everything started. After a head-on collision caused me to sustain a spinal cord injury at the age of seven, I needed something that would give me a break from the difficulties that came with life as a quadriplegic, paralyzed from the neck down, and dependent on a ventilator. During my teenage years, I found an oasis from daily medical routines and the constant company of medical professionals in films and daydreams. Eventually, my imagination developed story-lines and characters.

Bored by several long stents of homeschooling in high school, I found myself journaling after completing homework. The entrees were not the typical thoughts one would assume to find in a teenager’s diary. Instead, my words formed stories of my own design. Several instances of medical complications that occurred during sophomore, junior, and senior year, limited my ability to physically attend the public high school I began as a freshman. The narratives pouring out of my mind were a product of the daydreams I used to mentally separate myself from the long, cold days and nights spent in the hospital. I bravely decided to show a few short stories and poems to some friends and was surprised to find that they enjoyed the imagery and plotline of my creations. Even more confident, I shared my writing with my parents, the first people to mention the idea for me to pursue a career in writing.

​Unable to find my place among the students during my first year at the University of Central Florida, I found a film program provided by a nearby private college for entertainment, Full Sail University. Not only did I discover a support system in a like-minded circle of friends but, I also discovered I had an intense passion for the film-making process. I did not want to fully abandon my love for writing and was happy to find a Master’s Degree program in Creative Writing provided by my college. My goal was to become a screenwriter and watch the character-driven story-lines I loved creating come to life through the performances of talented actors I adore and unfold on camera.

Like I said, my two main passions are writing and film, which made me originally envision my future in the entertainment industry. God just had different plans.​ Unfortunately, the film industry is not an easy business to break into, especially for a young woman unable to spontaneously move away from the family in Florida, just to pursue work in California. I was hit with this reality after having difficulty finding a screenwriting job after graduating with my Master’s degree and changed my writing career goals to creative and technical accomplishments in industries other than entertainment. After college, I decided to make money in administration while completing screenplays and maybe a manuscript for a fiction novel to add to my writing portfolio. Let me tell you about the organization I started with.

While growing up in Miami, my family and I were avid supporters and participants of a research organization called The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis. The management team of this wonderful foundation is like a second family to me and offered me a job in administration, which I gratefully took and relocated back to South Florida. This is where I would learn document creation and other administrative tasks. A few years later, I made the difficult decision to leave and further pursue writing in the publishing industry.

After turning from a less creative-minded job in administration, I set out to find positions with companies like book and magazine publishers. Finding this world also difficult to be accepted into without work experience higher than entry-level, I switched to more freelance writing jobs and positions for content creators. Now, I write editorials and transcribe interviews for a small, but progressive position with a popular magazine, Haute Living Media Group. Recently, I have also been blessed with an opportunity to write as a consultant for a marketing company started by a fellow Full Sail University alumnus. Other than this influencer-like project, The Passionate Writer, I am also an entrepreneurial social media manager for My Social Lady.